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Monthly Services

For those companies with the database system is absolutely critical to your business we ensure your SQL system is running and tuned optimally and efficiently because your business needs requires it. Our complete services 24x7x365 monitoring and support is conducted around the clock. You benefit from the additional monthly support hours to utilize those hours to reach out to our DBAs for support with your critical questions and/or issues.

Database maintenance and monitoring includes:

  • Rapid responses and reactions by our team of Microsoft Certified DBAs to monitored parameters that exceed your company's customized thresholds, resolving those issues - all to reduce or eliminate any down-time.

  • Collection and analysis of data by our Certified DBAs regarding database availability and performance for your MS SQL databases.

  • Threshold comparisons of data collected for your MS SQL Server database(s).

  • Collection and scanning of server and system log files.

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