What do you actually monitor?

We monitor SQL server activities 24/7, which includes; failed logins, errors in the error log, long running queries, blocking, deadlocks, disk space, and all other aspects of SQL server activities.

How do you perform the monitoring?

We perform the monitoring via TSQL only.

Do you install any software on the client’s server?

No, the monitoring is purely via TSQL only

What access do you need?

We only need access to SQL port - via VPN software or firewall to firewall access.

What does SQLCare needs to do to start the monitoring?

To monitor a new client, we setup a new VW for each client, which has the VPN access software to connect to the client. Once we connect and have access to sql, we can start the monitoring via a secure connection.

Can I have customized alert for a specific SQL scenario ?

Of course, we can setup any customized alert (via email, text) to accommodate the client’s needs.

Can I have customized report sent on a scheduled basis ?

Of course, we can setup and email any customized report.

Can I hire SQLCare temporary while my DBA is on vacation?

Yes you can, we can perform all your DBA needs as long as you need us,

Can I hire SQLCare for consulting only

Yes – we offer hourly consulting services.