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SQLCare provides additional MSSQL database resources for companies and Database Administrators. Our mission is to provide high quality certified DBAs to your organization

Remote Management of SQL Servers

Remote DBA

Our Remote Database Administration concentrates on the MSSQL Server technology. 

Our services is to GUARD and PROTECT the SQL Server.

It's all about performance and getting the most out of your databases.

SQL Care Specializes in;


  • Replication – Mirroring – Log Shipping

  • Azure

  • Blocking issue

  • Backup/Restore process

  • AlwayOnTechnology

  • Alert

  • Error log monitoring

Servers and information

Security and Stability

Our services are remote and secure. Using a secure Internet connection, our DBAs will administer and maintain your Microsoft SQL Server(s) remotely.

The services are leaned toward monitoring MSSQL Server for stability and solidarity.

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